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Production News 25.07.2009

Since the release of Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter in 1974 there has been much speculation about the possibility of a series of adventures. Creator Brian Clemens was supposedly keen to do a series. With its proto-Buffy sensibilities it continues to be cited as ripe for a makeover and updating.

It seems that Kronos is one of a number of Hammer titles currently up for a remake. At a special event at the Cine Lumiere in London today to celebrate the career of actor John Carson, Carson discussed Brian Clemens' plans to remake Captain Kronos. According to Carson (and supported by fellow co-star Caroline Munro), Brian Clemens discussed the remake with them at a lunch during the week. Further details were not forthcoming, but Munro did suggest that the two original stars would be available should they want a couple of old codgers...

Whilst they didn't specify Hammer involvement, it is understood that Hammer own the Kronos property outright (as evidenced by the masses of Kronos memorabilia amongst the licensed merchandise in recent years), and Kronos is widely regarded as one of Hammer's strongest catalogue properties, so is likely to come through the newly revived brand.

We'll bring you further details as and when.




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