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Site News 12.05.2009

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Unofficial Hammer Films site, a major milestone for any site let alone a fan site such as this.

The site started as a part of my personal web pages before quickly growing into something more substantial. I can't quite believe its been that long, or that we're still here!

I want to thank everyone that's contributed over the years, the fans who read the stuff on here, and who give me feedback, those who have offered research material and more, support staff at various video and dvd distributors, promoters, the cast and crew of Hammer that have welcomed us into their homes, and Hammer themselves.

As we reach our anniversary, I'm hoping to bring you some much deserved new content over the coming year. We've got two major new sections in preparation which I hope will be of use to collectors and fans alike. Plus, more interviews, articles, up to date news and whatever else I can fit in. And, the archive of old site articles including the complete news pages should be going live soon.

If we've been quiet of late I can only apologise. This site has never been a job, more of a labour of love, and from time to time I've had to stop whilst real life takes over. But I have to thank you the readers, and Hammer for providing the inspiration to do the site in the first place, and for encouraging me to stay with it. It has taken me to some great places, I've met some lovely people and achieved more than I ever hoped to through it. Hopefully I'll be around for a while yet.

Please do send your comments, thoughts, and anything else to me at

And if you've enjoyed the site over the years and want to contribute financially to its upkeep, please click on the donate button below, or get in touch.



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